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In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.

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"Do Rzeczy": Attack on Polish train Dart


In "Do Rzeczy" Łukasz Zboralski interviews Tomasz Zaboklicki, president of Pesa.


Łukasz Zboralski: You build a "Polish response to the Pendolino" that is Pesa Dart trains in Bydgoszcz. And the industry is buzzing with rumours. Your train was supposed to be too heavy. Today, however, it has already been approved. Can you cut speculation and tell us how much it weighs?


Tomasz Zaboklicki: These are rumours that the competition is trying to spread to undermine our credibility. The facts are: Dart's weight is in accordance with the requirements of the tender. Few people know that Pesa got the Swedish Steel Price Award, an award given by Swedish scientists, for the ability to apply various types of light steel with high strengths in one vehicle. That's how Dart is built.


All right but can you give us the weight in tonnes?


Dart weighs slightly less than 250 tonnes, it is no secret, just read the authorization for entry into service issued by the Railway Transport Office.


When will PKP InterCity get the first Dart trains?


We are closing hand over procedures for the first seven vehicles. In a few days they will be transferred to the InterCity.


In your factory I saw the last Darts leaving the paint shop. It seems that, contrary to rumours, you will manage to hand over all 20 trains until the end of the year.


We are going to deliver them on time. We could fail to do so, only if there was some kind of a disaster. However, looking at what is going on, I have limited confidence, not all parts of suppliers are in stock...


Are you afraid that someone could deliberately not deliver the parts?


We have information from some suppliers that such suggestions have been made by our competitors fell. There were exerting pressure.


It's a tough fight. Someone would really like to see you fail.


Exactly. For several weeks we have been observing black PR - we were warned against a massive attack a long time ago, but we did not quite believe it. Then there were actions: pressure exerted by our competitors on our suppliers to make them slow to deliver, Internet hate campaign and memes based on Nazi symbols, and finally ready-made articles written for journalists and defaming Pesa that resulted from the alleged analysis of the situation in the industry or illegally disclosed and selectively read documents. It is a controlled play for dominance of the market in which Pesa began to disturb so effectively that some are trying to destroy it. Some players believe it to be easy as Pesa's contract is extremely restrictive. Competition knows this and is doing everything they can to prevent us from handing over these trains.


What would it mean for the company, if it failed to execute a contract worth 1.3 billion PLN?


It would be a big problem, threatening the existence of Pesa.


In such a situation do you feel you have support from Polish officials and public services?


All denunciations against us are checked by professionals. What I would expect from our public service is protection, when foreign competition attacks a company of great significance for a part of the Polish economy.