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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.

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“Rzeczpospolita”: Social dialog costs too


The work of organizations such as Employers of Poland and other parties of social dialog cannot be assessed with the same criteria as a soap factory. The results of our activities are far more complex and, crucially, our aims are long-term, rather than a spectacular but fleeting “wow effect” – Deputy Director General of Employers of Poland Arkadiusz Pączka writes in “Rzeczpospolita”.


According to him, actions such as the “Do not let the tax authorities bully you” campaign, were conducted not for the immediate benefit of the organization, but for the common good – in this, case the good of taxpayers.


Anna Patrycja Czepiel of the Civil Development Society (FOR) wrote in “Rzeczpospolita” (January 25th 2016): “There is no proof that securing special EU funds to social partners contributes to the improved quality of social dialog in Poland”. Agreed – just as there is no proof that mounting a public debt calculator contributes to a decrease in said debt. Not all expenses can be assessed with a simple economic calculation writes Pączka.


  Ms. Czepiel’s claims that „every project can be co-financed with EU money”. No, only the best can. I am convinced that CBiA was such a project. It was supervised for the whole duration a.o. by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. A report of the project included a.o. 11 sector analyses, five international comparative analyses and 10 debates, attended by a total of almost 400 people he stresses.


Pączka reminds that CBiA has also organized a huge event – the Polish Economic Congress. Such a congress takes months to prepare. Analyses and reports are needed. They are prepared by living people, using real equipment, sat in real offices. All this costs money he remarks. Over 5 000 people used materials prepared by CBiA experts. CBiA transformed from an EU project to a fixed structure of Employers of Poland, according to previously elaborated guidelines. Since the establishment of the project in October 2013 until the publication of Ms. Czepiel’s article, CBiA has supported over 270 positions on legal acts he adds.


– Employers of Poland are first and foremost engaged in dialog. And it costs too. Even when it seems to have died down. Yes, it is true that the Tripartite Commission did not work. The unions left it. Employers stayed. Do you want to question that as well? The social partners, whom he so happily place in inverted commas, continued to talk to each other. Somehow, we managed to elaborate a project of the Social Dialog Council and have it passed. Today, we work together within the framework of the Council. However, I have to surprise you: it is already in financial trouble. Voivodeship Social Dialog Councils have no money for professional administrative services – services that are badly needed. Maybe you know how to solve this problem? – writes the expert of Employers of Poland.


– If Ms. Czepiel bothered to verify the information she intended to publish and called me, she would have learned not only how much money we had been given and for what specific purposes, but also what the objectives of our organization truly are and what role it plays. However, this seems to have been too much for her. FOR preaches the fight against demagogy and promotion of common sense in public discourse. This noble pursuit would be more effective if their own employees and collaborators adhered to these principles – Pączka concludes.