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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.

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“Rzeczpospolita”: Illness? I work with it!


Did you ever wonder what are the true costs of illness? Particularly a serious illness? Probably not. Do keep in mind that even if you are  healthy, the problem of illness and its costs still concerns you. Let doctors handle treatment, but we can restrict these costs. It is not only that we can do it – it is our obligation as people and employers – writes the President of Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski in “Rzeczpospolita”.


– First and foremost one should keep in mind that in the case of chronic illnesses direct costs (medication and medical services) do not have to be the primary cost, as confirmed by healthcare economists all over the world. Indirect costs – those borne by the society as a whole – may be much higher. The development of medicine means that illnesses previously thought to be terminal are now chronic. We are very thankful for that, but it also means that treatment will be a part of everyday life for an increasing number of people, and not only among seniors. Chronic illnesses are now affecting people who are active on  the labour market – stresses Malinowski.


– Chronic illness affects more than the body. It lessens employees’ and their families’ financial capacities due to their inability to work. This generates massive indirect costs. Therefore, employers should show particular appreciation for those who not only want to work despite their health problems, but also organize themselves to appeal: “Do not exclude us from the labour market” – emphasizes the President of Employers of Poland.


These people have initiated the „Illness? I work with it!” public service campaign, supported by Employers of Poland. – These people are getting treatment and want to continue working. If they succeed, they do thanks to their ability to organize their life, their families’ help and the understanding of their bosses – he adds.


Malinowski points out that when the patient’s loved ones do not have to take days off, the quality of life of the entire family improves. Everybody works – therefore generating national income and restricting public spending related to inability to work.


It pays to invest in people who want and can work as if they were not ill. If everyone can fare better: the ill, their families and employers without an increase in costs, then we, Employers of Poland, would like to tell patients: “we are with you in this project”. I believe that it is our duty. And if, after reading this, you agree, then enough talking – visit www.pracujeznia.pl and sign the petition – urges the President of Employers of Poland.