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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.



The Industrial Development Agency has an offer for small, medium and large innovative companies






Within the framework of the Technology Transfer Platform, The Industrial Development Agency provides organizational and financial support for the cooperation between entities interested in providing access to and selling the technologies they own and the companies who need these technologies to grow.


The Platform provides support services for the transfer of technology, including:


  • storing information on the technological resources of the so-called technology providers;
  • storing information on the technological needs of the so-called technology recipients;
  • linking the providers and the recipients by individualized brokering, through a website and the cooperation with external partners;
  • expert advisory services;
  • assessment and co-financing of technology transfer;
  • organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and forums for technology exchange in an effort to foster a culture of innovation.


On May 28th, the Agency started a portal dedicated to the platform (ptt.arp.pl). Its objective is to facilitate the exchange of information between technology providers and technology recipients and its main features are a rich and constantly updated database an free of charge access.


The portal features three databases:



Why is the Agency’s offer worth pursuing?


Companies and academic entities who want to make a technology commercially available can use the Platform as a sales channel and an opportunity to create a brand and promote their own innovative solutions.



Cooperation with the TTP does not consist in refusing the competitive advantage resulting from the technology one owns, but in applying its potential in other sectors while maintaining a provider growth strategy. Technology may also be provided for an entity cooperating with the provider in a B2B relation, which will facilitate mutual business contacts.


The Platform not only enables users to define their technological needs, but also to improve their technological level and competitiveness

The transactions related to technology transfer will be partially financed with EU funds provided the following conditions are met:


  • technology recipients are SME’s;
  • support will be granted to entrepreneurs registered and active in Poland;
  • transactions will take place between entities which are not linked neither personally nor financially;
  • technology recipients are obliged to implement it in production;
  • the technology in question fits into the National Intelligent Specialization framework (such as a.o. intelligent, energy-saving construction, medical engineering, intelligent networks, geoinformation technologies);
  • the co-financing will partially cover the costs of the licence or the acquisition of the property rights for a given technology (max. 70 percent) and the costs of advisory services related to its implementation (max. 85 percent);
  • the first transactions will be financed in the IV quarter of this year.


More information: www.ptt.arp.pl



Entrepreneurs can also apply for capital support for industrial-scale technology implementation through a venture capital fund managed by ARP Venture sp. z o.o. with optional support from an industry investor.



ARP Venture offers the support of an industry investor who provides substantive support, access to infrastructure or financial support.


As a co-investor, apart from financial resources, ARP Venture provides substantive and operational support in the course of the project.


In order to meet the investment criteria for ARP Venture, project should have the following characteristics:


  • product or process innovation;
  • potential for significantly increasing the scale of operation;
  • positive environmental impact;
  • dynamic management determined to achieve its goals
  • production located in Poland;
  • product at the serial production implementation or expansion stage;
  • over-average rate of profit;
  • investment period of up to 5 years;
  • demand for capital in the 5-5 mln PLN range.


ARP Venture offers a wide and varied range of financing forms:



ARP Venture takes up no capital engagement at the R&D stage, including the prototype construction stage. It does not invest in IT projects restricted to software building and projects based exclusively on providing services.


More information: www.arpventure.pl


Moreover, it should be emphasized that the Technology Transfer Platform and the offer of ARP Venture – a capital fund offering financial resources in the form of capital investments or  debt financing for projects carried out by micro-companies and SMEs – are fully complementary.





The ARP Ecosystem offer involves the possibility of financing the so-called large innovation, where the partners of the ARP are large companies, including state-owned ones.


The Agency’s offer for supporting innovation in large companies includes:



Answering the needs of the market and entrepreneurs, the Agency adapts financial products to individual requirements and the character of a particular project. In the case of debt engagements, the investment is expected to last no longer than 10 years, and in the case of capital investment, that it will be between 5 and 7 years. The value of the investment should be over 15 mln PLN. The company should be in the growth and expansion phase (after the R&D stage).


Therefore, the offer of the ARP Ecosystem covers the full spectrum of innovative project financing.


More information: www.duzeinnowacje.arp.pl