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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.



Application schedules for co-financing from EU funds in 2016 have been revealed


The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development has already published the schedules of all competitions for EU funds planned for 2016. The 2014-2020 perspective includes a total of 960 competitions – 128 national and 832 regional. The total sum assigned to co-financing is 56.3 bln PLN, of which 25.4 bln is assigned to national programs and 30.9 bln to regional ones.



Infrastructure and Environment


The plan for 2016 involves opening 26 competitions for a total sum of ca. 11.25 bln PLN.


Competitions will take place in the transport industry (a.o. for railway network development in cities and modernizing rolling stock), energy (a.o. for generating energy from renewable sources and connecting it to the distribution network), environment (a.o. municipal waste management) and culture.



Inteligent Growth


In this case, 23 competitions for a total sum of ca. 6.2 bln PLN, will be opened. Some procedures opened this year will continue into 2016, bringing the total sum of co-financing in this regard to 7.9 bln PLN.


January competitions will be announced in December 2015: on December 9th – support for SMEs in accessing the capital market; on December 15th – pro-innovation services for SMEs. The competition for 4 Stock will open on January 12th. Applications will be open until January 18th 2016.



Education Knowledge Growth


The plan includes 63 competitions for nearly 2 bln PLN. The first quarter of 2016 will see the opening of the “New education programs” project conducted by The National Centre for Research and Development. Its objective is to adapt university curriculums to the expectations of employers and therefore to give graduates a better chance to find a job. 200 mln PLN will be assigned to this end. The “Guarantee for Youth” program will continue through 2016. Moreover, 11 competitions for a sum of 224.6 mln PLN will be opened for initiatives supporting unemployed youth.



The Eastern Poland Program


9 competitions for 1.7 bln PLN are planned – the biggest of them will provide over 1 bln PLN for roads. The remaining one are concerned mostly with supporting entrepreneurs, particularly SMEs.



Digital Poland


In 2016, 7 competitions for 4.24 bln PLN are planned.


The biggest sum (3 bln PLN) will be assigned to projects providing access to high-speed broadband internet eliminating differences between regions in this regard. Applications will open in the IV quarter 2016.



Regional Operational Programs


Local governments at the voivodeship level will open 832 competitions for 30.9 bln PLN within the framework of 16 Operational Programs.



European Territorial Cooperation Programs


Polish beneficiaries may also apply (individually or in international partnerships) for co-financing in ETCs. In 2016, applications will open in 10 ETC programs: Poland-Slovakia, Poland-Saxony, South Baltic, Czech Republic-Poland, Brandenburg-Poland, Mecklenburg-Poland, Lithuania-Poland, The Baltic Sea Region, Central Europe and Interreg Europe.


Schedules for each operational program are available here.



Employers of Poland would like to invite you to cooperate:


Department of European Funds

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