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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.



Starting in the new year, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego will establish the Guarantee Fund for Innovation Development for SMEs


The Monitoring Committee of the “Innovative Economy” program has established criteria for applicants for a new financial instrument dedicated to SMEs. The Guarantee Fund for Innovation Development for SMEs will be opened by the BGK in early 2016. Companies will have an opportunity to get a credit guarantee without advances for a sum of up to 3.5 mln PLN.


– We expect ca. 650 companies to use the instrument and the value of credits subject to resulting guarantees to exceed 300 mln PLN. We plan to assign over 200 mln PLN to the initiative. Entrepreneurs who want to apply will also have the opportunity to do so through one of the several banks cooperating with BGK – said Deputy Minister of Development Jerzy Kwieciński.


The guarantees provided by the fund will be a form of credit security, in case the debtor cannot pay it back before the deadline specified in the relevant contract. Therefore, the accessibility of credits to companies with short credit history or with no capital for security. Guarantees will be granted on condition that, among others, the de minimis support criteria and the innovation criterion are met.