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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.



Social Dialog Council – meeting of representatives of Employers of Poland



Employers of Poland met their representatives in the Social Dialog Council, in its working teams and the Voivodeship Social Dialog Councils to discuss their current occupation and guidelines for future cooperation.


The Social Dialog Council should focus first and foremost on overcoming disagreements between employers and trade unions – President of Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski emphasized in his opening speech. Participants presented the personnel of the Council and its nine working teams, as well as deputy chairmen of the Voivodeship Social Dialog Councils, who have been appointed on behalf of Employers of Poland.


Preliminary suggestions of issues to be included in the Council’s schedule for 2016 were also presented. The schedule has to be submitted to the Council of Ministers by February 20th.


Moreover, the condition of the Voivodeship Social Dialog Councils in particular regions was discussed. They are currently inaugurating their activities and conducting their first meetings were the order of assuming chairmanship and internal regulations are established. However, members stressed the issue of a shortage funds which will surely have an impact on the efficiency of voivodeship councils. Therefore, they think the problem should be discussed on the central forum of the Social Dialog Council.


Participants also agreed to organize similar meetings regularly.