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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.



The “Entrepreneurs’ GPS” project has started!


Consumers’ moods and assessments of the socioeconomic situation – despite their worsening in May – makes it likely that they will be stable, favouring entrepreneurs and providing an opportunity for increased consumption (a.o. thanks to the “Rodzina 500+” program”). The positive situation on the labour market indicates a strengthening of an employee’s market, leading to increased demands towards employers. Such an assessment is possible thanks to a project of Employers of Poland – the “Entrepreneurs’ GPS”, the effects of which will be presented monthly.


The project consists in analyses based on data collected in sociological and statistical surveys on the condition of the economy, assessments of the labour market and consumers’ moods.


The first meeting was attended by:

•        Mirosław Błażej – Director of the Department of Macroeconomic and Financial Studies at GUS;

•        Urszula Wągrowska – Department of Social Research and Living Conditions at GUS;

•        Urszula Krassowska – Account Director, TNS Polska;

•        Krzysztof Siekierski – Client Service Director, TNS Polska;

•        Łukasz Kozłowski – economic expert, Employers of Poland;

•        Dariusz J. Olszewski – economic expert, Employers of Poland.