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Legislation Monitoring Centre
In Poland there is neither an internet portal nor an institution for employers responsible for monitoring the legislation process of regulations that determine the rules for business activity. At present employers  learn about changes in the law mainly from mass media or simply through the grapevine, usually with delay.



Employers of Poland support G20


Although Poland is not a member of G20, an organization of the most developed countries in the world, thanks to the involvement of Employers of Poland we have an impact on its activities.


The B20 group is an advisory institution to the G20 group and an international business forum elaborating recommendations for the richest countries in the world. President of Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski and Vice President Janusz Pietkiewicz are members of B20 – respectively the Investment and Infrastructure Taskforce and the Human Capital Taskforce. Works in these groups are already underway – the members have discussed plans for this year during a series of teleconferences. The next B20 Human Capital meeting will take place in late February in Sydney.


On February 10, Vice President Pietkiewicz met Bret Wilton (Secretary General of the International Organization of Employers. They discussed the September IOE meeting in Warsaw, the participation of IOE representatives in Employers’ of Poland 25th anniversary celebration and cooperation with other employers' organizations. Employers of Poland are the only Polish organization of employers in the IOE, which is why we are represented in the B20.